A World Without Email

Summary & Analysis

1. Learn about Cal Newport’s latest book, A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communication Overload. Understand its central thesis, top takeaways, and the important effects it will have in the field of productivity.

2. Learn practical principles that enable you to engage your email with maximum efficiency and systematically reduce the number of emails you send and receive.

3. Explore the history of email and understand the ecological effect it has on workflow.

Monday, August 2, 12-1pm ET

This talk is part of the Art of Workflow Symposium, a radically high friction, skin-in-the-game, learning event designed for generation instead of consumption.

  • This talk will be 100% live. It will intentionally not be recorded.
  • All talks are given face-to-face. All participants are required to have their video on.

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