How I'm Building This

A Campfire Conversation for Curious Creators

1. Hear my reasons for doubling down on an “unscalable” model when many others are designing their businesses to generate income passively through high volume sales.

2. See all the different tools I use, learn how I use them, and understand why I chose them over other available ones.

3. Ask literally any question you want about my business. I’m eager to share what I’ve learned and save you time!

Tuesday, August 3, 3:00-4:00pm ET

This talk is part of the Art of Workflow Symposium, a radically high friction, skin-in-the-game, learning event designed for generation instead of consumption.

  • This talk will be 100% live. It will intentionally not be recorded.
  • All talks are given face-to-face. All participants are required to have their video on.

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